CDex is an audio cd ripper that give us multiple and simple options
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CDex is an audio cd ripper that give us multiple and simple options to convert our cd’s in audio files. It's freeware, very user-friendly and easy to install. It has a great performance; it’s ha been supported from Windows 95 to the most recent version. The support of multiple encoders made it one of the first cd ripper’s freeware software.

We can mention the many encoders supported: Lame MP3 encoder, Internal MP2 encoder, APE lossles audio format, Ogg Vorbis encoder, Windows Mp3 encoder, FAAC encoder and others. Its requirements are very basics, from Windows 95 to XP in the version 1.7 and on the last version until windows vista, from SCSI and IDE drives that have the capability of the audio extraction; commonly on this days we will have a system that will accomplish all this requirements.

It has a GPL license, it’s a UNIX project developed in a Win32 interface. It have been present before DVD and Blue Ray disk formats showing us it value and history between the rippers. It has been one of the first software’s that I used to convert audio cd's providing me great memories.

Jose Ruiloba
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  • Freeware.
  • Very user-friendly
  • Easy to install


  • No updates from the developer.
  • Just conver in 2 file formats.
  • Other disk formats not supported, just audio disks
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